Entry #2

Newgrounds on Fox News?

2015-02-24 21:59:40 by AdamNG

http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=09e_1214594171 check it out


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2015-02-25 01:23:45

lmao whaaaa, a comment taken straight from newgrounds, their research sure had some key points. No more toy story 3 for my kids. (when or if do ever decide to have em) xD

AdamNG responds:

haha,i wonder if that game is still on here.


2015-05-12 08:25:53

Really sucks the video was so blurry, can't see the submission number... Boy, talk about hypocrisy, huh? All they (Fox News) do is show violence, instead of focusing on what's behind it (usually money)


2015-06-02 16:28:24

BOTH CONSERVATIVE AND LIBERALS ARE DUMB FUCKING ASSHOLES WHO BLAME VIDEO GAMES FOR SHIT INSTEAD OF THE PARENTS!! Seriously, you have these dumb conservative cunts talking about how horrible it is and how it may affect a child (which shouldn't be play a game like this depending who old they are, if their parents even monitor thier activity) and you have the SJW MSNBC Liberals who say "oh violent video games result in murders and rape, and should be BANNED! No one understands freedom of speech anymore. I'm going to get that game hatred and I don't give a fuck what people say about that game or what they say about people who play games like that. I play them, and not once do I have the urgency of killing people on the street, nor do I ever have violent tendencies.


2015-06-20 13:45:26

Lucky Tom! He got free advertisement :>


2015-09-09 23:39:29

Sup man? Artwork's looking a lot better!


2017-11-13 17:57:36

Nice find! Seems old by now, but I wonder if I ever saw this when it was new... I remember the game, but not so much the controversy around it! Them days.